My Cosmic Sweetheart: Bishoujo Anime Dating Sim V2.1.11 Mod Apk

Game Description

Perhaps it was written in the stars...

When a UFO lands in your school and two cute alien transferees emerge, it can only mean one thing—your life as you know it is bound for changes that are out of this world!

Prepare to be thrown into orbit as you discover extraterrestrial love in My Cosmic Sweetheart!


Selene - Chic Voyager

An alluring alien from Melon Planet with a royal poise. She's prideful of her home world and though a seasoned traveler, there’s still much for her to learn about Earth. Despite her haughtiness, you can't deny that she has a sweeter side, too... Will you show Selene your planet's charm and melt her stubborn heart?

Lyra - Soft-spoken Attendant

This reserved and gentle Melonian is dedicated to serving Selene, but her passion ignites when she's introduced to Earth food. Will you help Lyra discover a world beyond servitude?

Sora - Ambitious Club President

The astronomy club’s guiding light, able to help everyone around her find their way. As a third year she'll soon be heading off for pastures new, but has her life of looking to the stars prepared her for the real world?

Name: My Cosmic Sweetheart: Bishoujo Anime Dating Sim Mod Apk
Version: 2.1.11
Size: 61.3 MB
Category: Simulation
OS: Android 5.0+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES

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