MASS FOR THE DEAD (JP) V1.35.0 Mod Apk

Game Description
▼ Completely original story [Draft setting: Kugane Maruyama]
The online game "Yggdrasil", which once caused a big boom, was supposed to be quietly ending its service. However, a game that does not log out after the end time. What spreads in front of you is the collapsed Nazarik underground tomb. And all the guardians died. A different world dark fantasy RPG in which you, the main character in this collapsed world, grow up while challenging various difficulties with the strongest witch "Momonga" in the shape of a skeleton.

▼ Game system
"Turn-based command battle" where the action of each turn holds the key to the battle
Capture quests while making full use of skills and mysteries in a four-person party.
Up to 4 players can play multiplayer at the same time, and collaborate with your friends to challenge strong opponents.

▼ Equipped with double speed and auto mode
Also equipped with an auto mode that automatically attacks enemies and a double speed mode.
Easy to play even if you are not good at games.

▼ "Intimacy" system
It is possible to increase the intimacy with the characters you made friends with.
Dedicated voices and scenarios are released by increasing intimacy.
* For some characters who have intimacy

▼ Game theme song

▼ Gorgeous voice actors
Satoshi Hino / Yumi Hara / Sumire Uesaka / Emiri Kato / Yumi Uchiyama / Masayuki Kato / Kenta Miyake / Shigeru Chiba / Hiromi Igarashi / Mikako Komatsu / Aimi Numakura / Asami Seto / Ayane Sakura / Kei Shindo / Hiroki Tochi / Naoki Kusumi / Sora Amamiya / Yasushi Ishii / Kiyono Yasuno / Ryota Osaka / Minoru Inaba / Taketo Koyasu / Hirotsugu Shirakuma / Aoi Yuki / Koji Yusa / Ami Koshimizu / Kimiko Saito / Yumiri Hanamori / Masaaki Ihara / Shizuka Ishigami / Miyu Tomita / Akeno Watanabe / Marika Takano / MAO / Kazuyuki Okitsu / Natsuki Hanae / Mutsumi Tamura / Ryota Takeuchi / Junpei Asashina / Toru Sakurai / Mao Miyano (in no particular order)

Version: 1.35.0
Size: 179.6 MB
Category: RPG
OS: Android 5.1+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES

  • Mod Menu
  • Weakened Enemy (One Hit Kill included)

- Currently, all games at support all android versions.
- Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first
Go to Setting => App manager => Find game => Click it to enable

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