Three Kingdoms Blow-Domestic Three Kingdoms RPG 삼국이 분다 - 국산 삼국지 V1.0.63 Mod Apk

Game Description
◈ Start right away with your favorite longevity! Risemara NO!
◈ Who is your hero among the toughest heroes such as Yubi, Jojo, Gwanwoo, Jowoon, Equipment, Zhuge Liang, Sonjak, and Samaui?
◈ The Three Kingdoms game made by Koreans!
◈ Three Kingdoms game that even office workers can easily play!

■ Attractive points of'Three Kingdoms Blow'

① Korean Three Kingdoms game developed by the Korean Indie Team
② Short and fruitful gameplay for you who are chased by time
③ The fun of the strategy of combining longevity and treasure of the Three Kingdoms

□ RPG with fun strategy
-Use unique skills and treasures to change the battlefield!
-The thrill of the strategy that varies depending on the situation!

□ Recruit and grow longevity!
-Start the game by'selecting' the longevity you want and grow your longevity!
-With infinitely growing treasure, growth is doubled!

□ Forced connection NO Enjoyable YES
-Various contents that do not need to be chased by time!
-[Stage] Sweep the regions that appear in the Three Kingdoms and command the world!
-[Subjugation] Defeat all the endless soldiers!
-[Gateway breakthrough] How far are my limits? Defeat the longevity and break through the gate!
-Appoint a strong longevity as an instructor and grow other longevity!

□ PVP and Legion Content
-[Dueling Field] Win a blood-dried duel reminiscent of a psychological warfare and win the first place!
-[March] Defeat the confrontational opponent at the same point and win the final reward!
-Gather the power of [Byeoldongdae] members to face powerful enemies!
-[Siege War] Compete as a corps unit and take over the castle!

□ Cute graphics
-Cute and unique illustration
-It's also fun to watch the fighters of the Three Kingdoms transformed into SD characters!

* The end of countless Three Kingdoms games!

* I'm in the kingdom's seat

* Build your empire

* For the dream of unification among the world

* Let's join countless heroes

* Win through war.

* Create a legion to expand your power

* Strategically command your own troops

* Correcting the situation of slanted words and making unification a dream!

* Enjoy a siege of tricks and tricks

* Your tactics determine your destiny.

Name: Three Kingdoms Blow-Domestic Three Kingdoms RPG 삼국이 분다 - 국산 삼국지 Mod Apk
Version: 1.0.63
Size: 244.19 MB
Category: Strategy
OS: Android 5.0+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES


- Currently, all games at support all android versions.
- Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first
Go to Setting => App manager => Find game => Click it to enable

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