Tensura:King of Monsters TW V1.5.0 Mod Apk

Game Description
["About me being reincarnated as a slime: King of Monsters" × "OVERLORD" linkage is open! 】
"Look up, you are facing the owner of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ul Christine."
The Supreme Supreme Ainz Ur Gong brought the floor guardians Albedo, Shatia Bradfren, Dimiugos, and Sebastian Qiang through the portal and accidentally came to the Demon Kingdom Federation , What kind of spark will the leader of Tempest and the King of the Undead meet for the first time?
"About My Rebirth and Become a Slime: King of Monsters" is a role-playing mobile game that focuses on strategic battles. It is licensed by the original animation of "About My Rebirth and Become a Slime" and has the original author. Teacher Fushi participates in the supervision! The game uses the most cutting-edge 3D cartoon rendering technology to present the Demon Kingdom Federation in the animation to the player's eyes. In the game, players can "summon monsters", collect original characters, and form a powerful monster battle lineup. The game is even more original "Ewallow" gameplay system, allowing players to develop their own Lim Road!
In the new version of "The King of the Undead", the people of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick will cross the world to the Jura Forest where Lim Road is located, facing a group of people who are also monsters, how will Lim Road and the others interact with it? Get along? Can the Demon State Federation continue to be strong?
"Well, Tempest is a great country. Next time I invite you to our Sorcerer Country as a guest."

[Rebirth Slime, start an adventure in another world]
The beginning of slime life. The office worker Mikami Gou was stabbed to death by a passerby, and has reincarnated into another world after he recovered. But the body turned out to be a slime! I got the name Limlu, and started the life of a slime with the goal of "building a country where people can live happily regardless of race" in a world that is swayed by various races--!

[Authorization of the original animation, the original author participated in the supervision]
"About Me Reincarnated and Become a Slime" is authorized by the original animation. The player plays the role of "Lim Road", the founder of the Jura Tempest Federal State. Through plot levels, monster crusade and other rich gameplay, recall the original classic plot , Participate in the daily activities of the Demon Kingdom Federation, and experience the full sense of accomplishment of becoming the king of monsters!
The original author, Mr. Fuse, participated in the supervision and strictly guaranteed the authenticity of the plot, allowing players to relive this new "human" student (slime student) accompanied by swords and magic in the game!
[Super-popular characters gather to dominate the battlefield with their skills]
Summon monsters and popular animated characters appear one after another! "About me reincarnated as a slime: King of Monsters" brings together Langa, Zhucai, Hongwan, Ziyuan and many other members of the Federation of Demons, and players form a powerful army of monsters by themselves! In the game, the heroes on the stage are divided into output, defense, support and other types. The Jiugongge position takes full advantage of the character attributes and shows the most strategic pre-war formation! Dispatch heroes with strong bonds to battle, and they can trigger even more destructive combos! Between the lightning and flint, use the fun and cool combo skills to suppress the enemy in all directions!

[Original slime system, cultivating the king of monsters, Limlu]
"About me reincarnated as a slime: King of Monsters" creates a unique "slime" system that 100% restores the "predator" in the animation-using the game's "swallow" gameplay, Feed the slime with different pieces of props and materials to activate different combat attributes and skills! Just like Lim Road in the anime, fight and become stronger at the same time! Choose Limlu core skills with different attributes and resistances, and match different monster heroes to cultivate a Limlu unique to the player!
Speaking secretly, slime can not only swallow, but also poke~ The fluid material realized by the latest technology is guaranteed to satisfy your desire to poke the slime!

[Gorgeous high-definition pictures, free screenshots are all wallpaper background]
"About me reincarnated as a slime: King of Monsters" uses the latest 3D real-time rendering technology to achieve more detailed and beautiful next-generation pictures, so that every screenshot can be directly used as a mobile phone wallpaper! Synchronously reproduce cool animation skills, enjoy top-level visual effects from zero distance!

[Super-luxury voice actors lineup, make your ears pregnant! 】
"About me reincarnated as a slime: King of Monsters" invites super first-line voice actors to give their voices to fully satisfy the wishes of animation fans and voice actors fans! Super luxurious lineup, presenting the most perfect listening enjoyment!

Name: Tensura:King of Monsters TW Mod Apk
Version: 1.5.0
Size: 1.52 GB
Category: RPG
OS: Android 5.0+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES


- Currently, all games at support all android versions.
- Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first
Go to Setting => App manager => Find game => Click it to enable

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