Epic Fantasy V1.7.4 Mod Apk

Game Description
The great Kabaa started again, the beginning of another legend.
The blood-stained land blackens the lake and the lives of Baa are threatened again.
Only those who are willing to risk their lives gather.

▶ High-quality idle RPG
Tired of holding your smartphone all day long? Take a break.
Heroes of Epic Fantasy are on your behalf on dangerous battlefields.
Fighting monsters and earning rewards for hero growth.

▶ Easy and simple growth system
All rewards earned through neglect and battle should be invested in the growth of your hero.
With just one touch, you can easily grow your hero's level and equipment.

▶ Hero initialization system
Isn't it a waste of the growth materials used for unused heroes?
Reset your hero to recover materials used for growth and grow other heroes.

▶ Extreme neuroscience strategy battle
Aria, the wanderer of the battlefield, inflicting powerful damage to enemies with a vicious twin sword
Galad, the immortal archmage who overcomes death with the power of heaven
Organize a unit that can show the best battle synergy with various heroes
Protect Baa's lives from the threats of powerful monsters.

Name: Epic Fantasy Mod Apk
Version: 1.7.4
Size: 217.88 MB
Category: Simulation
OS: Android 4.4+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES


- Currently, all games at support all android versions.
- Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first
Go to Setting => App manager => Find game => Click it to enable

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