Honkai Impact 3 SEA V4.8.0 Mod Apk

Game Description
The latest version - Aurelia Invicta
Never heard of Honkai Impact 3?
Genshin Impact - miHoYo's Latest Open-World RPG Action Game
Honkai Impact 3 is a super smooth HD action game that is an adaptation of the global otaku manga comic story, Honkai Impact!
"Honkai, a mysterious power that scorched the world 14 years ago reappeared and once again threatened the human civilization that had just risen ..."
Humans who are infected by Honkai's power will lose consciousness and turn into zombies that destroy everything in front of them. Meanwhile, infected animals will mutate into Honkai Beast and attack everything in sight.
The survival of human civilization now depends on selected girls who are gifted with the only celestial power that can fight against Honkai, namely Stigma.

The player takes on the role of the captain of the Hyperion Ship, in charge of Valkyrie girls who fight for their lives to hold back Honkai's power and protect the world. Your crew consists of a cheerful white-haired European girl, Kiana, a girl who is good at cooking and a hobby of cleaning, Mei, a quiet warrior girl, Bronya, a woman with a perfect body, Himeko, a cute girl who likes to wear fox ears, Sakura, a woman The cutest in the world, Theresa, the sniper girl, Kallen, the girl who doesn't want to be outdone by anyone, Fu Hua, the mysterious girl who loves darkness, Rita. Protect all the beauties left in this world with your Valkyries!

[Stellar Battlesuit | Dea Anchora]
Wearing his golden armor, the determination in his heart and the sky full of stars would be his strength.
Debut of Durandal's new S-Rank Battlesuit [Dea Anchora]! He is the perfect combination of hand-to-hand and spear fighting style, able to unleash different Ultimate in Enhanced Mode!

[Event Battlesuit | Stellar Mythos]
A rumor roamed among the Valkyries on a lonely night. A rumor regarding a long-buried secret ...
The [Dea Anchora] themed event is released! Play the new Co-op event, complete the mission and get Oufit 4 ★ [Orochi Cuirass] and Crystal prizes!

[Story Chapter XXI | Wings of Resurrection]
A familiar figure has awakened from the darkness, an old enemy comes bringing new destruction ...
Story Chapter XXI is coming soon! Explore the new chapter and get the Stigma Set Event and Pinpoint Crate Card!

[New Equipment]
Exert unimaginable strength! PRI-ARM [Sagittarius Astra] and Lance [Starlance Prime] available in the armory!
Wade into the stormy sea into a restful summer night's dream. The Traveling Skipper Set [Shakespeare: Adrift] is available in the Armory!

Name: Honkai Impact 3 SEA Mod Apk
Version: 4.8.0
Size: 157.49 MB
Category: Action
OS: Android 5.0+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES


- Currently, all games at support all android versions.
Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first
Go to Setting => App manager => Find game => Click it to enable

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