Hải Tặc Tốc Chiến V4.2.2 Mod Apk

Game Description
Fast-paced pirate is a strategy game with cute chibi graphics, opening up a world full of familiar pirate characters from the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean, released by ESGame at Vietnam
As one of the few general card games with European-style graphics, combined with pirates built in chibi graphics style: Jack, Elizabeth, Will Turner, Davy Jones ... to recreate fiery naval wars, by coordinating with each other by coalition, extreme skills and beautiful in the HTTC.

*** FEATURES ***

★ Unique Graphics Play Without Taking Your Eyes ★
- Realistic AR technology, bringing the most engaging battles.
- Sharp graphics with chibi style.
- Unique skill effects in coordination with movie characters, bringing a unique experience only at HTTC.
- Wallpaper changes in real time as vivid as everyday life.

★ Recruit Heroes - Collect pirate books ★
- Unlike other general card strategy games, owning SS generals in HTTC game is very easy:
- Login 7 days, top to receive SS generals
- Participate in boss hunting activities, complete the Young Suoi Stream mission, receive SS fragments
- Collect heroes, equip, form links in the pirate book, increase attributes for battle squads
- Owning yourself to the SS team in the HTTC game makes it extremely easy for players to join the accessories and features such as arena, trade, training, ...

★ Various types of raids - Unlimited damage combos ★
- Skills cooperation in the financial support is a separate feature, the outstanding point in terms of tactics:
- Arbitrary to use skills, not dependent on timing. Surprise the enemy with beautiful combos
- Skills can be upgraded, engraved
- Optionally combine heroes, to create your own combos with combos.

★ Pirate Pier - Where legendary fleets re-emerge ★
- The ship side feature is also a unique, breakthrough tactical feature in the HTTC
- Each boat is associated with a hero, a story and a legendary skill. Each match will be equipped with a killing skill that the battle boat and the captain bring
- Upgrading warships and skill levels also bring abundant attributes to the squadron.

★ Receive 7-day gifts - TOP ★ Plowing
HTTC is one of the games for plows, lots of free gifts and benefits:
- Level up and receive free diamonds, along with many valuable rewards.
- Login online to receive diamonds, play game as long as receive gifts.
- Overcoming the diamond receiving stage, sweeping and receiving gold continuously without reaching the 3-star stage.
- Boss Battle with the brothers to receive materials to upgrade crew members.

Name: Hải Tặc Tốc Chiến Mod Apk
Version: 4.2.2
Size: 372.16 MB
Category: Adventure
OS: Android 4.1+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES