Final Gear JP ファイナルギア-重装戦姫- V1.18.0 Mod Apk

Game Description
No need for lycemala! SSR pilot confirmed in the first infinite gacha!
Freely customize the aircraft, let's make your own aircraft!
Beautiful girl x mecha x end world! A new frontier strategic RPG is here!

■ Game introduction
[Free aircraft customization system]
By stealing parts from the enemy and recombining your own aircraft for each part, you can customize a number of unique aircraft.
When you collect specific parts, it becomes a "dedicated machine" for the target character, and by "activating" it changes to a unique shape.
Parts can be obtained directly by dropping, not by fragments. Players can freely rearrange the aircraft at any time, create their own aircraft, and form a variety of teams.

[Character training and collection full of replay elements]
Collect more than 100 characters belonging to the three major powers and dozens of powers, and when each of them board a special plane, unique battle production and special moves will be released.
You can build a closer relationship with your character by using the liking system. When a certain degree of liking is reached, the player can choose how to call himself when the character calls himself, and each call has its own voice.

[Real-time tactical map system]
On the tactical map where the battle situation changes in real time, you can operate multiple teams with a tap to decide the placement and action, and use various tactics depending on the terrain and the type of soldier.
Major tactical map missions include advancing, defending, escorting, occupying, and solving mysteries.
The world map system is divided into three countries such as empire, federal, and city-state, and by clearing the mission, the map of each area is gradually released, and finally all the maps are connected as a large world map.

[Combine various aircraft to sortie and use tactics to operate the team]
In battle, you can sortie with a total of four aircraft, one that you control and three wingmen that are operated by AI.
The range of tactics can be further expanded by combining characters, aircraft, types of troops, equipment and skills according to all enemies and stage modes.
You can also build different formations depending on the characters you organize in your team and the type of aircraft.

[Exhilarating action, uninterrupted shooting]
An incandescent and exhilarating combat system woven with weapons and skills with various characteristics.
Don't miss the special move that has both visual impact and strategic elements.

[Base vehicle management training system]
Players can use base vehicles to create rooms such as dormitories, observation rooms, hangars, laboratories, and warehouses. Each room has a different profit-increasing effect.
If you raise the level of the room in the base vehicle, a room with new functions will appear. Construction of different rooms will be opened after multiple rooms have reached a certain level.
You can modify the room to your liking and create your own base vehicle.

[Abundant scenarios and settings]
Deep world view, power setting, storyline and chronology.
Detailed settings are provided for each country's culture, food culture, architectural style, and governance system in each area, and the character settings are extremely diverse, and the mutual relationships between the characters are also diverse.
Original Animation: Individual stories are prepared for each character, and one episode is updated weekly in the form of a TV animation. Contents such as specific stage mode and scenario CG are also included.

Name: Final Gear JP ファイナルギア-重装戦姫- Mod Apk
Version: 1.18.0
Size: 1.73 GB
Category: Action
OS: Android 5.0+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES


- Currently all games do not support Android 11, you need to reinstall a lower version of android.
- Android 6+ It Is Necessary To Enable The Storage & Phone Permissions In The App Settings First
Go To Setting => App Manager => Find Game => Click It To Enable