Dragon Age: Bóng Đêm Thức Tỉnh Mod Apk

Game Description
Ten thousand years ago, under the leadership of Demon King Barr, the demonic haunting force, the demon kingdom invaded the kingdom of the gods and the gods was engulfed in darkness, and the realm of gods was almost turned into a fruit burned land. To keep the last hope, the seven dragon deities joined forces to tear through space and to a new land with a world without any involvement: Arcas. The Seven Dragon Gods began to create everything with their own powers. Humans, elves and dwarves, three races, lived and multiplied under the protection of the four dragon gods.

Over time, the dragon's power gradually dissipated and the demon re-infiltrated Arcas through a fissure in space. Only the destined person chosen by the dragon god can possess a dragon crystal, awaken the power of the dragon's soul, become the new savior of Arcas and complete the task of defeating the demon and protecting Arcas. defeat the dark world, bring honor to the world of peace

【Features Game】

■ Dual Body Transforming, Awakening a thousand years sleep ancient dragon god
The dragon symbolizes absolute belief and strength in the "Akas Continent". It is said that the proud dragon never refuses to lower his noble head until the fate of the dragon spirit appears in front of it. The unique Dragon-Man transformation system unlocks the seven dragon deities "ice, fire, light, darkness, life, time and space". Dragon incarnates into unique skills, fast kill vibrating real screen experience completely new.

■ Realistic 3D Graphics, Experience New Dark World
Realistic graphic map Misty forests, moonlight lakes, frozen snowflakes, fairy swamps ... unprecedented visual feasts collected in the ecological world of 10,000 km²! Experience 360 ​​° panoramic views Free to fly, vivid lights and dark shadows to create amazing special effects, mountains and rivers all in the Arcas continent!

■ French Bow Breakthrough, Close-range Melee Weapon Option Change
Breakthrough legendary characters MU alliance such as warriors, wizards, archers with 3 career options to transform into extremely eye-catching dragon gods, extremely unique attribute skills, and archers in close combat mighty, the reincarnated warrior used remote magic to kill thousands of darkness, the mage from a distance to wipe out the Boss.

The battle of 「SVS world competition」, Tens of thousands of people with the same frame, maximized experience, received many honorary medals ranked first in Long Thanh, rescuing the darkness, against world evil forces open battles Server VS Server, Van Dan VS Van Dan, Please take up your unique weapon to rescue him.

Name: Dragon Age: Bóng Đêm Thức Tỉnh Mod Apk
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 817.51 MB
Category: RPG
OS: Android 4.4+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES