Calibria Crystal Guardians KR Mod Apk

Game Description
Collect the apostles, choose a strategy and participate in a new 3D RPG battle!

On the continent of Calibria, a war began to conquer the sacred Holliston. The guardians of the Holliston were the old summoner's clan, and they had no power to stop enemies. With Gentry's protection, you, the last descendant of the clan, boarded a ship and set out on a long journey with Holliston.

He is in charge of protecting Holliston. Chase the evil demon, destroy the leader, and restore the peace of Calibri!
For a new adventure, download it now! Recruit the greatest apostles and save the world!


[200+ Mysterious Apostles Collection]
Collect 200+ Apostles from 5 factions. There are special skills for each faction. Write history with the mysterious apostle! Combine the ultimate party and fight the dark!

[Cultivate your apostle skills!]
Cultivate your Sado skills to your heart's content! There is a skill tree only for the apostles. Skills are unlocked when learning a skill or evolving apostles during battle. Equipping a rune increases attributes and abilities! There is also a special effect when combining the Sados!

[Win by attack]
The apostles have five camps: order, confusion, evil, light, and darkness. Choose an apostle and combine it with a rune to complete your own party! Complete quests such as Infinite Tower, Main Gate, Arena and Underground Castle with various combinations of apostles, and earn rich rewards!

[manual? Automatic? My way!]
Battles can be played manually and automatically at any time here!

[Fight to enjoy with other users!]
Dispatch an apostle to support a friend and you win! Alliance with other users to battle the guild and achieve the rankings for honor!

Name: Calibria Crystal Guardians KR Mod Apk
Version: 1.0
Size: 903.57 MB
Category: RPG
OS: Android 4.1+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES


- Android 6+ It Is Necessary To Enable The Storage & Phone Permissions In The App Settings First
Go To Setting => App Manager => Find Game => Click It To Enable