NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 ナルティメットブレイジング Mod Apk

Game Description
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Over 10 million registrants worldwide!
The first app game in the Ultimate series is now available as a "ninobi formation battle"!

Game overview
◆◇New sensation Shinobi formation battle◇◆
You can enjoy a full-fledged strategic battle with intuitive operations! That is the Shinobi formation battle! When the attack areas of allies are piled up, a super refreshing cooperative attack is activated. If you are close to your teammates, you will be able to proceed with a more advantageous battle due to field skills, but if your teammates are attacked by enemies while they are frozen, you will be at a loss. Achieve your mission by crushing the enemy with super-strikes with maximum firepower while distributing the attack damage from the enemy well!

◆◇Various Ninjutsu by various Shinobi ◇◆
Ninjutsu is the cornerstone of battle. Attack type that causes intense damage to the enemy
Many Naruto ninjas with various ninjutsu, from ninjutsu to special ninjutsu that blocks the actions of the enemy, have appeared! Some characters can even use stronger mysteries.

◆◇Multiplayer for up to 3 people◇◆
Up to 3 players can be multiplayer for all missions!
Cooperate with players from all over the country to play Narubure! !!

◆◇ Relive the story of Naruto ◇◆
Relive the story of Naruto in the story mode of Narubure!
Many famous scenes make the battle even more exciting!

◆◇ Mugen Castle competes with other players "◇◆
In Narubure, "Museum Castle" mode is held regularly, aiming for the top floor while competing for points with other players! Aim for the top floor and capture the "Musoujo" that is full of powerful enemies!

Name: NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 ナルティメットブレイジング Mod Apk
Version: 2.27.1
Size: 77.16 MB
Category: RPG
OS: Android 5.1+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES