JUMPUTI HEROES 英雄氣泡 鬼滅之刃大特集祭活動進行中 V4.5.4 Mod Apk

Game Description
The Hero Bubble Winter Christmas special event is underway!

Players who love JUMP, a hot-blooded mobile game with well-known super-popular anime characters in Japan is here!
Simple operation of the bubble elimination battle system, single-player or team up with friends to defeat the enemy!
As long as you complete the novice teaching, you will be able to get "10 Gacha Tickets with 5 Stars"!

Three characteristics of "JUMPUTI HEROES Hero Bubbles":

1) Use strategy to use gorgeous and handsome nirvana to defeat the enemy!
Simply click and operate, you can accumulate kill bubbles!
Everyone is familiar and powerful, the classic profound meaning will be fully reproduced in the game!

2) Friendship X hard work = victory! Summon legendary heroes!
When the beliefs of "friendship", "effort" and "victory" become one,
JUMP legendary heroes will come to support, use super special moves to reverse the situation!

3) Fight with your friends in multiplayer battles!
Up to 4 people can fight side by side with your friends, and work together to defeat your opponents!
Even in the face of a strong enemy, as long as you communicate with your partners, there will be no difficulties that you cannot pass!
Hurry up and start a new adventure with your friends on LINE!

【World View】
This is a world where all JUMP characters live on the island of JUMP peacefully.
One day, due to the influence of the "Devil's Power" that recovers every 50 years, the evil hearts of the characters began to wake up...!
In order to defeat the evil heart and make the characters return to their original appearance, they must venture on various islands, find the demon king and defeat him!
The great adventure of protecting and regaining the peace on JUMP Island is now officially launched!

*According to the game software classification management method, this software is a protection level and can only be used by people over six years old.

Seller LINE Corporation
Category RPG game
Compatibility (interchangeability)
Language Traditional Chinese 

Name: JUMPUTI HEROES 英雄氣泡 鬼滅之刃大特集祭活動進行中 Mod Apk
Version: 4.5.4
Size: 94.75 MB
Category: Puzzle
OS: Android 4.4+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES