Final Fate TD KR 파이널페이트TD Mod Apk

Game Description
"No one can cross our line!"
A story containing the last fate of the guardians who will save the world!
Your last fantasy defense-Final Fate TD!

[Game Features]
◆ Various strategies to protect the good!
-Dominate the battlefield with the special skills of various classes of Guardians!
-Hundreds of strategies according to combinations such as placement/skill/faction!
-Achieve thrilling victory from attacking enemies on over 100 different maps!

A fantastic fantasy world where good and evil coexist
-Embark on an adventure into a fantastic world where humans, gods and demons coexist
-Beautiful illustrated backgrounds and battle maps ranging from ice and snow to forests and lava

◆Charming Chosen Guardians
-Live 2D characters full of liveliness with attractive illustrations
-Five classes, more than 50 types of unique Guardians unfold brilliant skill action!
-The more you interact with the charming Guardian and increase your affinity, the higher your combat power!

◆ Rich and fun content carefully selected by the developer
-Feel the fun beyond the line of adding defense fun to RPG!
-Enjoy a variety of content such as Warrior War/World Boss/Brawl/League War/Labyrinth exploration!

◆Abundant benefits and enjoyment beyond the line
-The more points that are paid when completing the daily mission, the greater the benefit.
-Grow fast with various events and benefits rewards!

Name: Final Fate TD KR 파이널페이트TD Mod Apk
Version: 14.0
Size: 42.06 MB
Category: RPG
OS: Android 4.2+
Status: YES ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES