Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena V1.19.2 Mod Apk

Game Description
Form the most terrible team and conquer the game with many players in real time. outsmart and destroy opponents with your monster's strategic position before the battle and tactically control their actions in battle.

This is a game that features a hex-based grid-rotating strategy with monsters from all space and time. from Franky the Frankenstein, to fantasy monsters like Medusa and Griffin, as well as cultural creatures featuring Wu Kong and Mummy, then monsters you've never seen before such as Bigfoot and Nobu the ghost samurai. Each monster has a unique background and role. each monster has unique abilities such as magic skills, physical skills, or even the ability to end the world such as the head of nuclear war from Dr. Walter the mechanical mechanic.

-Fight through Adventure Mode to recruit unique monsters.
-Duel between players in PVP in real time and directly to usurp their throne and claim the treasure chest of the world.
-Upgrade levels of monsters to unlock tingly and destructive knowledge.
Facing the Guerilla Warfare Mode (Survival Mode) to defeat the endless BOSS.
Sharpen your tactics by visiting the Land of Proof.
- Set your defense formation and arrangement optimal at Mine Defense.
- Make friends with your classmates to discuss strategies, exchange cards and become the # 1 clan in your country.
-find free items, wages, gifts and monsters.
-you might like this game also you like turn shift games, strategy games, development and collection games, RPG games, TRPG games, games similar to western chess, china chess, war chess. This game is also similar to other games that turn turns with a hexagonal based display.

Name: Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Mod Apk
Version: 1.19.2
Size: 136.62 MB
Category: Strategy
OS: Android 4.1+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES


Currently all games do not support Android 11, you need to reinstall a lower version of android.