Make More! V3.0.5 Mod Apk

Game Description
Welcome to the world of factory business!

Start with only one factory and one employee in this funny work simulator. Recruit, build, and produce more to become the biggest business leaders in the industry. You're the boss! And the boss of the bosses! At least until you meet the BIG BOSS ...

• 💰 MANAGE - Recruit & train your workers. Less productive? Replace with a robot!
• 🏭 EXPANSION - Run multiple factories at once, upgrade and manufacture more crazy products
• 💤 SHUT UP - Too lazy to be boss? It's natural. Automate it! Anyway, luck!
• 🏆 ACHIEVE - Make BIG BOSS happy and earn rewards
• 🤡 COLLECT - Get everything from over 200 workers, bonus jobs, trophies ...
• ⭐ GARMENT - Level up and restart with better workers, bonuses and all
• 🤑 MONEY - Earn more money and keep tapping to become a multi-factory billionaire tycoon

You've never seen a factory like this before. Each was run by a mad boss like a circus clown or a medieval king who motivated his hardworking employees by banging tables and screaming. Like your boss. Or your parents. Or your partner. We call this "the way to maximize profit through positive motivation."

And the workers? There is a long line of excited employees at the factory gates, waiting to be recruited by you! As their boss, you can train them and give the best employees coveted prizes like gold medals and the Best Employee of the Day prize!

Oh, and did we mention surprise and loot boxes? Increase productivity by giving your factory boss a cup of coffee or an energy drink. They will be even more alert! How about 80s disco music for motivation? Your employees will dance and sing and along with that, produce more stuff!

Be the biggest boss and GET MORE PROFIT!

Name: Make More! Mod Apk
Version: 3.0.5
Size: 28.7 MB
Category: Casual
OS: Android 4.1+
Status: NO ROOT
Price: FREE
Internet: YES

  • Unlimited Money

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